Take a Pledge to Support Our Community Organizers

At our Seen and Heard exhibits, we stood together to learn more about the experiences of women and girls across our community. We heard stories of triumph, but we also know that there is still a lot of work to be done across our state in order to uplift the status, health, and well-being of women, girls, and their families.

Join us in taking a pledge to elevate and connect with groups that serve women and families in our state.

One of the most frequent things we heard from our listening sessions was that although resources exist to assist with the barriers that women and families are facing, our communities often don’t know they exist, or how to reach them.

We know it’s not January, but it is never too late to set a New Year’s Resolution. Let’s make 2018 the year we showcase, support, and connect community to the organizations who are making a difference.


Amanda Napier
Sara Goldstein
Cassandra Goodman
Monika Carey
Thomas Solet
Carrie Anderson
Kim Baker
Jon Turner
Reteley Moore
Carla Atkinson
Cynthia Porcher
kailey cota
Elizabeth Dalzell
Kelly Rogers
sandra hamlin
Bianca McFarland
Angel Sbardella
By signing this pledge, you are making the commitment to elevate and connect with groups that serve women and families in our state. Once you take the pledge, WREN will help you get started by sending emails with opportunities and details regarding our events and happenings from other local groups.