Take Action to Demand New Rules Requiring Real-time Disclosure of Lawmaker Getaways with Special Interests

New York Times piece revealed that as wildfires killed nearly 100 people in California, lawmakers were meeting with utility lobbyists at a Maui resort to discuss how to get them off the hook for the damage.  California Senators and Assembly Members often take trips with industry insiders who have an interest in shaping relevant legislation.  As the rules stand, legislators do not have to disclose these trips until the end of the year in a small annual report.  Our representatives shouldn't be allowed to hide these junkets from the public for months on end.

It is time that California legislative leaders step up and change the rules to require our representatives to publish their schedules in real time. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Enter your information to tell legislative leaders: "Require California Lawmakers to Disclose Their Exotic Trips with Special Interests!"