Georgia - Protecting Consumers from Surprise Medical Bills

Georgia's State Senate recently passed The Consumer Coverage and Protection for Out-Of-Network Medical Care Act -- also known as SB 56 -- which will end surprise billing for you and other Georgians who receive unanticipated out-of-network care. It’s a comprehensive approach that protects patients, ensures access to care, and increases transparency across the health care system.

Unfortunately, the State House is currently considering House Bill 84 (HB 84), which is not a comprehensive solution to end surprise medical bills. Why?

  1. The bill does not address emergency care;
  2. Does not eliminate balance bills; and
  3. Focuses only on transparency.

 ZPAC is working with Physicians for Fair Coverage, the Medical Association of Georgia, numerous state specialty societies such as the Georgia College of Emergency Physicians and a number of consumer advocacy groups to defeat HB 84, but we need your help today!






Please take a moment to tell your state representative to OPPOSE House Bill 84. Stopping HB 84 will allow the SB 56 to advance, finally ending surprise medical bills in the State of Georgia.


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