Help to #CAPTHEGAP for St. Louis Children



Enough is enough. St. Louis families, we need your help.

Our public schools are responsible for making sure all children succeed within their walls. As parents, as citizens and stakeholders, it’s our responsibility to hold the people in charge of those systems accountable.

Unfortunately, that feels out of reach for many families, as the gap continues to widen between students who receive high quality education and those who do not. In St. Louis, Black students are more than 5x as likely to go to a school where the majority of students aren’t reading and doing math on grade-level.

In 2019, 88% of Black students were reading below grade level. And now, after a year of pandemic schooling they’re further behind. Think about what this means for our city, our neighborhoods and our families. More than 4 out of 5! These are our children, our nieces and nephews, our grandchildren, our neighborhoods… And we know what it means when children don’t receive an education and the system lets them down. We know if we aren’t going to graduations, we’ll be going to funerals.

We can, we will, we must fix this. You can help us to make the difference.

Every child deserves an excellent education - one where their individual needs are met and where they are given the tools to soar. In order to figure out what each child’s needs are and to give them specific skills to grow, they need a focused plan - an Individualized Academic Recovery Plan (IARP).

Individualized Academic Recovery Plans for All must include:

  1. Plan for addressing any learning gaps, given child’s learning profile
  2. Starts with detailed assessment of child’s progress
  3. Families’ input MUST be included

St. Louis schools must provide our children with the education they need and if they don’t we must hold them accountable.

Sign this petition to advocate for the School Board and Dr. Adams to support Individualized Academic Recovery Plans for All. 

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Support Individualized Academic Recovery Plans for All!

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