The time to pass the NY Dream Act and Drivers' Licenses for all is now!

Immigrant New Yorkers throughout the state need equal access to Driver’s Licenses and Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) to reach their full potential in our fast-growing state.

  • Driver’s License for All [A.10273(Crespo) and S.0868 (Sepulveda)] would allow NYS residents access a driver’s license regardless of their immigration status. This bill will keep immigrant families together, make roads safer and boost the economy. Twelve states already have similar policies in place.  

  • NYS DREAM Act [A.03039 (De la Rosa) and S.9185 (Parker)] would allow undocumented students who meet the criteria to apply for state financial aid. This bill is critical in providing tuition equity and equal opportunity to undocumented youths in our state. Four states already have similar policies in place.

Our communities have waited far too long. It’s time for New York State to make them a reality!

Sign the petition for NY Dream Act + Green Light NY now!