Advocate for the SC Lactation Support Act

H.3200, the South Carolina Lactation Support Act, has passed the House unanimously by a vote of 93-0. This bill would require employers to make already existing spaces available to workers to use for expressing milk.

It's crucial that we continue to mobilize around this bill to support progress in the Senate.

Please email your Senators and ask them to vote YES to the SC Lactation Support Act.

South Carolina ranks far lower than the national average of breastfed infants. Breastfeeding provides essential nutrition for infants, helps prevent disease and infection, and improves survival rates the first year of life. Breastfeeding can protect children against asthma, allergies, and bone loss later in life.

Let's stand together today and support the health and well-being of mothers in the workforce.

Send an email today and urge your Senator to vote YES to the SC Lactation Support Act.