Tell Senators to defer SB 415

Urge the NC Senate to defer consideration of state level, out of network (OON) billing legislation (SB 415).

Currently, the NC General Assembly is considering SB 415; however, the new federal legislation, known as the No Surprises Act (signed 12/27/20), provides appropriate OON protections for consumers and goes into effect 1/1/22. 

  • SB 415 is a “benchmarking to Medicare” bill and it would establish, as a matter of state law, the reimbursement rate that physicians receive for services provided that are out of network (OON).
  • The No Surprises Act provides comprehensive protection to consumers from surprise medical bills or OON billing, avoids “benchmarking” or rate setting, and provides a means for clinicians to engage in dispute resolution with health plans over reimbursement rates.

Take Action NOW!

Contact your Senator today and tell them to defer action on SB 415!


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