Help Educate Your Legislators: Colorado’s Charter Law Ranks #2 in the Nation!

Our charter school law ensures accountability and transparency, but our opponents continue to spread misinformation to discredit the great work being done in our schools.

The following was recently published about charter schools by a leader in DCTA:

But what concerns him about charters "is the accountability piece, because we have public funds going to those schools and they're not held to the same reporting standards as district-run schools. And I think that does factor in to a lot of the problems we're having. When the district gets an increase in funding from the state, some of it goes to charter schools, but we're not sure how much and how it's spent. That adds clouds to the discussion."

This type of misinformation must stop! CHARTER SCHOOLS ARE ACCOUNTABLE to the State Board of Education, their authorizer, their board, and their families.

Help your legislators get the facts and take action today. Legislators need to know that charter schools are a vital part of Colorado’s public education system. Help us remind our legislators to support and uphold our strong charter school law this legislative session.

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Please encourage others to act by sharing this on your school and community social media pages. Your voice makes a difference, but the real power comes when we all speak up together!