Support Reunification of Separated Families

In the last few weeks, we have learned of thousands of cases of immigrant children separated from their parents at the United States border.  President Trump's executive order purports to put an end to this policy but sets out no plan for reunifying separated children and no funding to make anything mentioned a reality.

Ask your officials to set our a plan for reunifying the families separated and provide dedicated funding for the process.

*You'll receive a call from 202-873-9788 that will provide you guidance on what to say to your officials, and then patch you through directly to them.

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I'm (your name) and I live at (your address) in your district.  I am calling today to urge you to immediately take action to reunify the families separated under President Trump's zero-tolerance policy.  We need a defined plan and dedicated funding to right these wrongs.  The impact on the mental and physical health of these children cannot be overstated - research indicates that the consequences last far beyond the period of isolation and can reach through generations.  It must be immediately addressed.

We elected you to represent us and I am calling today to ask you to use your power as a legislator to protect the well being of these families and consider the needs of children and asylum seekers when setting policy.  Take action today.