Tell the EPA to Support a Strong RFS


For 13 years, the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) has been the single most successful energy policy working to promote American energy security, create jobs, and keep our air clean. It is moving America forward by driving investments and innovation in clean-burning, homegrown biofuels. Renewable fuels are not only helping to rejuvenate America's rural economy, they are protecting the environment by replacing millions of barrels of imported oil. As a result, consumers save money and are less vulnerable to efforts by foreign nations to manipulate the cost of fuel.

Maintaining a strong RFS will accelerate this progress, but only if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) follows the targets set by Congress and stops granting special waivers that let oil companies squeeze biofuels out of the marketplace.

Each summer, the EPA accepts comments from the public before issuing final goals under the RFS. Enforcement of these Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) will determine how much renewable energy is available to consumers in 2019. The window for comments is now open.

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