Let Legislators Know: COVID Relief Must Include a Stimulus Check!

COVID cases are rising across the country and people are suffering economically. We can't wait for relief any longer. But, Congress needs to pass something that's actually going to benefit people. Conversations underway 

The $1,200 support allocated in an earlier stimulus package was a good start...but it's not enough! 

The next phase of stimulus will be voted on as soon as Friday! On May 12, Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats released a new $3 trillion package, and although they again included direct payments to the people, and improved eligibility requirements, these are a ONE TIME PAYMENT, not recurring until the crisis is over. This, after Speaker Pelosi previously discussed a guaranteed income as an important consideration for the House as they created the next stimulus update.



Millions of people are struggling to feed ourselves and our families and local economies are collapsing without an influx of consumer spending. Guaranteed income would address both of these issues. Investments should continue to be made in healthcare, unemployment insurance, small business and state & local government support, but we need we need to get Emergency #MoneytothePeople as well.

Putting money in household wallets is the single most effective way to protect and care for people in these uncertain times.

We need Congress to provide Emergency Money to the People in any upcoming legislative package. This means bigger, regular payments to those who need it most, lasting until the economy recovers:

We need Congress to provide Emergency Money to the People in any upcoming legislative package. This means bigger, regular payments to those who need it most, lasting until the economy recovers:

  • Bigger A one-time payment of $1200 is not enough: As Americans patch together unemployment insurance and other programs to make ends meet, cash is a flexible tool that will help with whatever needs they have – whether paying the bills or getting food on the table. $1200 for adults and $500 per child is a good start but simply not enough. 
  • Regular– Delivered monthly: Over the last month, workers across the country have lost jobs and income at historic rates. Some figured out a way to make their April 1 rent payments; but nearly one third haven’t. Without regular support, too many families are likely to be in the same unrelenting dilemma month after month. It makes sense to deliver cash support monthly, ensuring that families will have money as they face persistent hardship over the coming months.
  • Lasting– Until the economy recovers: Ensuring that cash payments last as long as this economic crisis will help Americans get back on their feet, and help boost the economy. Hoping that Congress can authorize more payments when the need arises won’t work and places too much hope in bipartisan cooperation on a continuing series of stimulus bills. There is a growing chorus of support for regular payments and automatic stabilizers to trigger an end to payments and to resume them when economic conditions worsen in the future. 
  • Full inclusion– Don’t leave anyone behind: Congress should ensure that CARES Act payments reach those who need them most. This means including immigrant workers and their families, which includes millions of U.S. citizen children; making dependents of all ages eligible; improving delivery to move money as quickly as possible; and telling the IRS to use all tools at its disposal to identify everybody eligible and make sure payments actually get to them, especially people who are low-income and don’t file taxes, are unbanked, underbanked, or are experiencing homelessness.

As Congress looks to its next round of legislation we must cast a wider net and help everyone with extraordinary expenses. It makes sense to extend relief to keep businesses afloat and help keep wages flowing, as well as fund state and local governments. At the same time, we must also keep families afloat through recurring direct payments and expanded unemployment insurance. Solutions that focus only on employers and wage replacement will inevitably leave some people out and leave some people short

With the ongoing crisis and uncertainty about how often Congress will be able to convene and pass legislation, this may be the last significant opportunity to ensure that families have the resources we need to meet our basic needs throughout the economic downturn. None of us want to see the worst outcomes come to pass.

We urge you to demand that your Senators and Representative pass a stimulus that includes monthly payments of at least $2,000 to the people for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

Email & Tweet Speaker Pelosi, Senators Schumer & McConnell, as well as your own federal legislators and let them know that you want to see cash payments as part of the next relief package.


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