The House of Representatives could vote at any time on a revised version of the American Health Care Act, the bill that repeals and replaces significant portions of the Affordable Care Act.

This legislation still proposes fundamental changes to Medicaid’s structure and financing by converting the program to per capita funding allocations for states.

LeadingAge strongly opposes these changes to Medicaid. We urge Congress to take a different approach to ensure essential health and long-term services and supports coverage.

Under this updated proposal, every state would lose federal funding, forcing states to cut back on services for seniors and people with disabilities covered by Medicaid as well as reimbursement to providers.

In addition, the bill effectively eliminates Medicaid expansion that provides health insurance for many older persons who are under 65. This affects our residents in affordable housing and other low-income seniors.

The legislation could move quickly in the House of Representatives. After the House vote, it will then move to the Senate.  

We must voice our opposition to any restructuring of Medicaid immediately. We need to reach every member of Congress, many of whom are simply unaware of the importance of Medicaid to the long-term services and supports system and to low- and moderate-income seniors.

How you can help

  • Share this action alert with your network
  • Tweet your members of Congress TODAY.

    Sample Tweet: "Dear [@Representative]I want you to #OpposeMedicaidFundingCuts. #AHCA #Medicaid"

  • Call your members of Congress TODAY. We’ve set up a toll-free number to help connect you directly to your lawmakers’ offices.
  • Share this information with your residents and clients and suggest that they call as well. The proposed changes will directly impact them.

Steps for calling your lawmakers

  • Dial this toll-free number, 866-793-3004. You will be prompted to enter your zip code to get connected to your lawmakers. Feel free to use the sample script below.
  • The automated system will first connect you to your Representative’s office. Leave a message with the staff person who answers the phone.
  • After talking with the staff person, do not hang up. Allow the staff person to hang up, and the automated system will then connect you to your Senators.

Sample phone script

“Please ask the Representative/Senator to oppose the current version of the American Health Care Act specifically because it fundamentally changes Medicaid’s financing structure. I oppose per capita caps because they would hurt many people and families who need long-term services and supports.

70% of people who turn 75 will, at some point, need long-term services and supports. Medicaid is the largest payer.

Please oppose changing Medicaid to per capita caps when our senior population is rapidly growing. It is the wrong policy at the wrong time.”

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