Tell Your Members of Congress to End the Travel Ban!

President Trump's Travel Ban is ineffective, anti-American, and has caused undue hardship on Iranian American families. While the Supreme Court has upheld this discriminatory policy, there is still action we can take to block the implementation of the Ban.


Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) and House Representative Judy Chu (D-CA/27th) are leading efforts in Congress to block the ban, but we need your help. Tell your representatives to support legislation S. 246 and H.R. 810 that blocks the implementation of the ban!


Iran is unique in the Middle East in that the majority of the population maintains a favorable disposition toward America and its values. Unfairly targeting the Iranian people undermines the solidarity between the peoples of both countries and overlooks the countless contributions Iranian Americans have made to the security and economic prosperity of the United States.


Ask Congress to Block Funding for the Travel Ban!


Thank you for taking real action on this important issue!  Please share this campaign on social media and encourage others to contact their representatives.  PAAIA will continue calling for the complete rejection of the ban until Congress has blocked this discriminatory measure!