Help Tell the Competitive Carriers' Story

As CCA pursues policy solutions to benefit competitive carriers, personal stories and examples from our member companies will further strengthen our advocacy on Capitol Hill and with the FCC. They need to hear your firsthand accounts surrounding the critical issues.

Policymakers need to hear how:

  • Uncertainty regarding the siting process, including application review, unnecessary red tape, burdens, fees, or open-ended timeframes frustrates efforts to upgrade and expand mobile broadband;
  • Predictable and sufficient support from the Universal Service Fund is important to the business plan of small carriers; and,
  • Access to spectrum at high-, mid-, and low-bands will help bridge the digital divide and get as many Americans connected as possible.

Your experiences demonstrate how policy decisions affect consumers across the nation. Tell the story policymakers need to hear – yours.

CCA has created a way for you to share your experiences and tell the story that needs to be told. Share your story below and help us bring your story to Congress, the FCC, and the Administration.

Tell the story that needs to be told: the challenges small carriers face when it comes to mobile network deployment.