Ask your department of education to support improved science standards in schools!

Improved science teaching standards have the power to transform science education. Science classrooms should promote learning science the way it is practiced and experienced in the real world by real scientists and engineers - engaging students in not only finding answers to questions, but also understanding the process they go through to get to the answer.

But there are many states that haven’t updated their science standards. Even among those who have, further action must be taken to ensure that they are implemented successfully.

We have to go even further than choosing what to teach, and how. We have to empower our educational systems with the resources they need to teach these standards successfully. Disparities in STEM education hurt our future. Currently, students of color less frequently have access to challenging STEM courses, and often learn science in classrooms with fewer STEM education resources. We must ensure that schools that are currently underserved and underfunded have access to the resources that create supportive, safe classrooms for all students. 

We also need to add time for science education in schools, beginning in kindergarten.

Finally, we need to allocate resources to train and support all science teachers to strengthen their approach to teaching science. 

Tell your state government that the future of our communities depends on supporting improved science standards, and making sure they are successfully implemented for the benefit of all children!


Please share this campaign with others and encourage them to contact their state governors, legislators, and boards of education - and advocate for improved standards in science education!

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