Delay Sequestration Cuts - Waive and Reset PAYGO

Tell members of Congress to delay sequestration through the end of 2021 and waive and reset the PAYGO amounts. 

The House Rules Committee is scheduled to meet today (3/16) to review H.R. 1868, which addresses the -2% sequestration cuts; this provision kicks in on 4/1/21. Also, due to the recent passage of the “American Rescue Plan” ($1.9T stimulus), and under the “Pay as You Go” (PAYGO) rules, a -$36B cut in Medicare would be triggered early in 2022; most likely in January.

The Senate has introduced S. 748 -  Medicare Sequester Relief Act, a bill to provide for an extension of the temporary suspension of the -2% cut through the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE). However, this doesn’t address the PAYGO cuts.

This means that without congressional intervention there will be a -6% cut to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) in addition to the cuts that took effect at the beginning of this calendar year.

Contact members of Congress today and let your voice be heard!

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