Stop Congress from creating a new voucher program!

Please take action to stop federal tax dollars from being pumped into a new voucher program.

Members of Congress recently introduced the Military Education Savings Accounts Act (HR 5199 / S. 2517), which would create a private school voucher program for students with an active-duty parent in the military. We expect to see efforts to attach this bill to must-pass legislation that funds the military (the National Defense Authorization Act). We need you to take action to urge your Members of Congress to oppose adding vouchers to the defense authorization bill.

You may have received an action alert on this issue from us last month, and we really appreciate those of you who took action. But now is the best chance we have to stop this bill. Please take action to urge the House Committee on Rules to oppose adding vouchers to the defense authorization bill.

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I'm calling to urge the House Committee on Rules to oppose adding any private school voucher program to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). In particular, I oppose adding a voucher for military-connected students, especially if it would be funded by Impact Aid.

A voucher program for military-connected students would drain the already limited funds available for public schools that provide comprehensive support and services for military-connected students and redirect them to private, often religious schools. Siphoning away Impact Aid funding for vouchers would make it more challenging for public schools to appropriately meet the needs of military-connected students and their families.

Private school voucher programs undermine our public schools and are harmful education policy. Among other problems, vouchers undermine religious freedom, strip students of rights and protections, lead to declines in students’ education outcomes, and lack accountability. Public taxpayer dollars should fund the public schools that serve all students, not private schools that serve a few select students.