Support VICA Sponsored Bill to Help Build More Homes in the Valley

The Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA) is proud to sponsor Assembly Bill 1560 by Assemblymember Friedman and co-authored by Assemblymember Gabriel, which would maximize housing development near transit by amending the definition of Major Transit Stop to include bus rapid transit (BRT).

VICA has strongly supported CEQA exemptions for projects within a Transit Priority Area and supported programs which incentivize the construction of affordable housing within a ½ mile of a Major Transit Stop. The existing definition has allowed cities with rail transit to make great strides. However, it has been defined too narrowly and excludes areas of California well served by BRT, but not served by rail transit to take advantage of incentive programs.

The current definitions of Transit Priority Area and Major Transit Stop fail to address the use BRT lines that are essential to a vibrant transit community that is responsive to the public’s transit demands.

In the Los Angeles region, LA Metro’s Orange Line is one of the busiest BRT lines serving riders traveling in the San Fernando Valley and throughout Los Angeles County. It is essential that areas surrounding the Orange Line are eligible for incentives and CEQA exemptions to ensure housing development is maximized near transit.

As the California housing crisis continues to impact residents across the state and throughout Los Angeles, VICA’s top 2019 Legislative Priority is to support the development of more housing. This bill will help spur more development in areas near transit throughout California where housing is ideal, but has been excluded under existing definitions.

For these reasons, VICA urges you to support AB 1560.

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