Make Your Voice Heard

We know that many people in our state continue to struggle to make ends meet and to get the care we need.  Barriers to health services impact the health, financial stability and the dignity of us as individuals and the wellbeing of our families and communities. 

We should all have the agency, information and support to get the services we need to manage our health and plan our families – including being able to access contraception and abortion.  Unfortunately, obstacles are being created to make this care harder to get.  We should be eliminating barriers to the care we need to ensure our rights, health and opportunities. 

Make your voice heard by signing this petition today. Together, we can make sure that every person in South Carolina is able to make their own decisions about the reproductive health services that they need.

This petition is proudly signed by

Erin L.
Lake B.
Elizabeth K.
Kristen R.
Joana A.
Haley K.
Latronda M.
Kristine R.
Whitney S.
Debra S.
Mary K.
Janet B.
Kerry S.
Rachelle A.
Tai A.
Courtney T.
Laurie J.
Jennifer E.
Pamela M.
Amanda W.
Keitha W.
Bridget C.
Becky h.
Carol J.
Joseph B.
Michelle C.
Carol H.
Alisa S.
Tricia K.
Mary C.
Annette B.
Shannyn and John S.
Patricia M.
Anne S.
Juliet S.
Melissa A.
Sharon M.
Sally S.
Emelia S.
Tonia S.
Barbara G.
Karlann B.
Sally M.
Susie S.
Margaret J.
Brannon T.
Laura B.
Craig S.
Liz C.
Paul B.
Megan D.
Nancy W.
Trell B.
Melissa w.
Rachel B.
Melissa L.
Herman R.
Bill V.
Ellen G.
Kimberlee N.
Carla S.
Isabella W.
Elizabeth J.
Susan M.
Eve S.
Sue P.
Joanne B.
Brittany C.
Nicole R.
Sarah S.
Elizabeth I.
MacKenzie C.
Bud F.
Ashleigh W.
Juliet P.
Luanne R.
Frances L.
Dianne H.
Lisa B.
Dickson M.
Laura P.
Tara A.
Laura G.
Roberta W.
Linda B.
Jeanne C.
Tally C.
Shelly G.
Maryam D.
Kira C.
Julia F.
Nikki H.
Nancy W.
Melissa W.
Pat F.
Jennifer W.
Kathryn L.
Christie F.
Bailee F.
Nancy B.
Peggy T.
Martha R.
Thomas S.
Emily C.
Sandra C.
Rebecca D.
Heather H.
Christie M.
Lora B.
Melissa G.
Amy H.
Kimberly L.
Marcurius B.
Akuya S.
Jeanne C.
Kathleen M.
Tamatha B.
Jordan R.
Joan S.
Laura M.
Fouzan A.
Ian M.
John E.
Mike C.
Chris R.
Kathleen B.
Travis P.
Elizabeth F.
Patrick M.
David B.
Julia N.
Michelle A.
Catherine D.
Elizabeth S.
Harry R.
Mara S.
Robyn L.
Sarah E.
Morgan L.
Catherine B.
james s.
Fred D.
Lisa-May R.
Sheilah L.
Brenna L.
Gloria L.
Emilie J.
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