Tell Mass. legislators to protect immigrant families!

Over the past two years, we’ve built a statewide movement to protect the rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents. We’ve passed trust and welcoming policies in dozens of communities. Now it’s time to ensure that everyone in our Commonwealth enjoys those protections.

The Safe Communities Act is back before the Mass. Legislature, as S.1401 (Sen. Jamie Eldridge) and H.3573 (Reps. Ruth Balser and Liz Miranda). It’s simpler and more succinct, but has the same strong provisions, backed by a broad-based and diverse coalition:

  • No police inquiries about immigration status;
  • Provide basic due process protections;
  • Limit notifications to ICE about immigrants in custody;
  • End 287(g) contracts to deputize officers as ICE agents; and
  • Provide crucial training and accountability.

Will you contact your legislators today and urge them to advocate for the SCA with leadership and with their colleagues?

Use our form to email your legislators right away, or even better, call them (find their numbers here) or visit their office. They need to hear from us time and again, so let’s keep up the pressure!

Tell your legislators: I want you to lead on Safe Communities!


Thank you for contacting your legislators! Please urge others to act by sharing on social media. Click here for more information about the Safe Communities Act and how to get involved; click here to support MIRA's advocacy

Hi, my name is ____________ and I live in [city/town]. I’m calling because I'm deeply troubled that the four basic protections for immigrants that the Senate had put in the 2019 state budget were stripped out in the final version.

At this time of crisis, I think it's unacceptable to do NOTHING to protect vulnerable families.

Please work to pass the Senate protections before the end of the session, one way or another. As your constituent, I expect you to fight for what’s right. Please talk to leadership and tell them it's a top priority for you. Thank you!

Thank you!