The Basic Bike Network is at risk again!

UPDATE 4/3/2018, 2:30 PM: The 4th Ave. bike lane has officially been delayed until 2021.

Send a message now asking that the city accelerate of the rest of the Basic Bike Network! 
After two years and millions of dollars of planning, One Center City recommended a bold plan to move more people safely by prioritizing transit, walking and biking — including major connections to form a downtown basic bike network.   
But, since this bold plan was announced last fall, we've heard nothing but crickets.
After months of silence on these plans, we have growing concerns that the 4th Ave. protected bike lane is at risk for getting delayed yet again, potentially for years more. 
We understand the regions' leaders are meeting today to decide about moving forward with the plans. Tell them to keep the entire package of near-term recommendations intact, including the 4th Ave. protected bike lane. 
We want bold action from our city, not years of more delay and priority for people driving downtown. 
Send a message now! Tell our leaders #WeCantWait! 
Here are safety projections that were announced last fall. Why have we heard nothing since then?



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