Contact your Candidates about Science

Enter Your Information to Find Your Officials and Candidates. The list of incumbents and candidates will show icons for Twitter, links to websites, and profiles. From this list, you can ask your candidates what their science platform is in any of the following ways:

  • Tweet at your candidates: Click the Twitter icon to see the Twitter page for each candidate. From there, you can tweet at them to ask them what their science platform is.
  • Email or call your candidates: Click the link icon to see the website for each candidate. Then you can find contact information for the candidate and their staff, any events they are hosting, and their social media information. 
  • Sign up for a virtual town hall: Click the link icon to see the website for each candidate. Town hall information should be on their website, or sign up for their mailing list to get information on upcoming town halls.
  • Find all this information in one place: Click the person icon for a brief overview including phone number, website, social media links, and more (not available for all candidates). 

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