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We are witnessing the greatest refugee crisis in recent history. An estimated 22.5 million refugees worldwide—each person, made in the image of God, longing for safety and a future—have fled their homes. As Christians, our biblical call to welcome the stranger and defend the cause of the most vulnerable compels us not to remain silent in this moment.

Despite lowering the resettlement goal to 45,000 refugees this fiscal year—a historic low—the U.S. is currently on track to resettle fewer than half of that figure. The pace of resettlement has slowed due to a variety of new administrative obstacles, executive orders and new policies that restrict certain refugees from being considered, a chronic lack of staffing, and a focus on enhancing already-robust security measures. This slow pace is causing real pain for children and families who are longing for safety and hope.

It’s critical that our resettlement program remain strong and equitable: The U.S. has long been viewed as a leader, setting the bar for other countries. Reducing the number of refugees we welcome during a global crisis has consequences beyond our borders.

When we welcome refugees, we catch a glimpse of the kingdom of God. We can only continue the kingdom work of resettling refugees with a strong resettlement program.

Voicing your support for refugees will encourage legislators to defend U.S. refugee resettlement services, a lifesaving program that demonstrates the generosity of America and opens the door for American Christians to follow the Biblical call to hospitality.

Urge your elected officials to stand up for a strong resettlement program!


Click here for a backgrounder on refugee resettlement or return to the Office of Social Justice website.

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