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Fight for Better Dental in New York!


Dear State Policy Maker:

As a New Yorker, I have the right to better dental coverage. When I am paying for dental, I should not have to wait for service, nor should I be denied care for a pre-existing condition. My dollar should go further. Only fifty cents of every dollar goes to my care, that is unacceptable.

We The Patients are calling for standardized dental coverage. Waiting periods for any reason (including pre-existing conditions) should be eliminated. More of every dollar I spend should go directly to the care I receive.

As a health care consumer, I want to see a difference.


Danijela M.
Claire M.
Jon S.
Karen R.
Amanda M.
Esther S.
Gloria R.
Zoey T.
Megan P.
Kimberly S.
Mark K.
Julia D.
Kelly T.
Jamie O.
Nell B.
Lisa L.
Maha A.
Katie R.
Farah s.
Max H.
Sari N.
Sandy M.
Keri W.
Theresa G.
Peg G.
Ian B.
Jim G.
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