Tell Sen. Gardner to prove the OR Show made the right choice

The Outdoor Retailer show is in Denver because not everyone recognizes the value of public lands. After two decades in Utah, outdoor companies decided they'd had enough of the anti-conservation policies and rhetoric employed by that state's politicians, so they left.

Colorado has a rich tradition of keeping public lands protected. Unfortunately, recent votes taken by some in its congressional delegation go against that by proposing to expand drilling and undermine national monuments. Additionally, climate change, which threatens public lands across the nation in a clear and urgent way, demands a response from lawmakers. 

We especially need to ask Sen. Cory Gardner to oppose all efforts to undermine public lands and be a strong advocate against climate change. Please submit a comment below reminding Sen. Gardner why the Outdoor Retailer show came to Colorado in the first place and asking him to live up to the state's conservation tradition. 

Urge Sen. Gardner to oppose attacks on public lands and take a stand against climate change.

Background photo by Mason Cummings (TWS)

Speak up for public lands and against climate change


Thank you for standing up for our wildlands!

Please thank your representative for voting that public lands should stay public.