Stand with Standing Rock. Stand for Creation!

During his first week in office President Donald Trump signed an executive action that signals his support for advancing the Dakota Access pipeline.

In his Presidential Memorandum to the US Army Corps of Engineers, President Trump ordered that permit for the the Dakota Access Pipeline be approved in an expedited manner, to the extent allowed under law.

Here’s what we believe - Based on previous studies by the Corps, current interpretation of the law should include: Respect for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s treaty rights; the completion of a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS); and careful consideration of alternative routes for the pipeline.

Nothing in the Memorandum addresses these considerations. This Memorandum’s release on President Trump’s fifth day in office reveals a determination to serve the interests of the fossil fuel industry with utter disregard for indigenous rights and public welfare despite the multiple environmental threats posed by the pipeline.

What do we do when our neighbors, our children, and God’s creation come under attack? We stand up!

Our indigenous neighbors have asked people of faith to speak out. Act now – Tell the Army Corp of Engineers and Congress that you support a full and thorough environmental review for DAPL because your faith calls you to protect Creation, care for future generations, and stand with indigenous peoples.

Calls are especially needed to the Army Corp of Engineers. Call 202-831-3056 or enter your info here and we'll call you and connect you directly. Once you've done that, follow up by sending an email or Tweet to the Army Corp of Engineers and Congress!

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