Lawsuit Abuse Has Led to Job Loss in Florida!

Frivolous lawsuits have led to lost jobs across all industries. Due to the costs associated with these unnecessary cases, consumers are left with fewer jobs and rising prices.

  • As of 2018, the US tort system cost $307.6 billion
  • Lawsuit abuse is a drain to our states’ economies
  • Negative impacts stem from the misallocation of resources due to the abuses of our civil justice system.

Florida's economy especially has been negatively impacted by abuses of our civil justice system.

  • Excessive lawsuits have led to $7.6 billion in annual direct costs to our Florida economy and cost residents their jobs
  • 126,139 jobs were lost in Florida due to lawsuit abuse

Together we can reform the system and stop people from taking advantage of our courts and destroying our state economies!

Join the fight with Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse to push for a fair and efficient court system! 

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