Tell City Leaders: 2019 is the Year of the Missing Link!

You know the story. The community has fought hard to complete the Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail for decades. After years of appeals, meetings, and community action, there is added urgency to complete this trail.  The Seattle Squeeze is quickly looming, and we need more ways to move people efficiently. 

Recently, the King County Superior Court found the Environmental Impact Study insufficient, which has once again delayed the Missing Link. 

We have spoken out on this ruling, and will share updates with you.  While we're disappointed in the delay stemming from the ruling, we believe this can be resolved and that the City can move forward with getting construction back on track.

Now’s the time, tell city leaders to finish the Burke-Gilman Trail and complete the Missing Link!
We'll need their help to get it done!

Use this easy tool to send a note today; please feel free to personalize the message to include your experiences riding on or advocating for the Missing Link.

Let's make sure our city leaders knows that there is broad community support for moving forward as soon as possible.


Every voice counts: Make sure you are a part of getting this project across the finish line!


Thank you for speaking up and for continuing to fight for the Missing Link! This project could not happen without you.