Flint Residents Deserve Safe Water

Water is life.

That’s the oft-repeated--and true--refrain from those fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. It’s just as true for those fighting for lead-free water in Flint, Michigan. The months have turned into years and Flint parents still can’t cook with or let their children drink water without worry. Congressional action can change that sad reality. Lead-laced pipes need to be replaced urgently to provide the people of Flint with a safer water system.

State action caused this disaster, but state action alone can’t produce a solution. As people of faith, we must demand an answer.

Congress can ensure Flint residents have clean water to cook holiday meals by attaching funding to the Continuing Resolution, a must-pass bill that will extend the federal budget through March. Time is running short. We need to push to ensure that relief for Flint is guaranteed before the end of the year

We are SO close to securing needed relief for families in Flint. Help make this a priority. Send a message to your elected officials. Remind them that water is life and Flint residents deserve water that doesn’t endanger theirs.

UCC members are helping to serve the immediate needs of families in Flint. Learn more about how Woodside Church is responding to their community.

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