Amplify Your Voice! Join the Seniors Action Network

When public policies impact the lives of seniors, it takes a comprehensive advocacy effort to raise awareness of the issues and to educate lawmakers. That is why LeadingAge and Volunteers of America created the Seniors Action Network (SAN).

The SAN is a grassroots movement that gives providers, seniors, and their loved-ones the opportunity to engage in the federal public policy debate.

Members of the SAN engage in advocacy on issues that impact seniors by communicating directly with their Members of Congress through telephone calls, emails, and letter-writing campaigns.

There are 3 ways to join the SAN:

  • Visit the SAN website and fill out the online signup form.

Why do seniors need a grassroots movement?

  • There is a growing crisis in the lack of availability of affordable senior housing in America. An estimated 3.5 million seniors live below the poverty level and another 2.3 million are classified as “near-poor.”
  • Seniors continue to face financial challenges to health care and long-term services and supports.
  • There are multiple barriers to addressing the growing population of older adults and people with disabilities who need vital home and community-based services.
  • Without hearing directly from providers, seniors, and their loved-ones, lawmakers may not understand how seniors are being affected by public policies.

Join the Seniors Action Network today!

Join the Seniors Action Network Today!