The Opposition is Strong. Fight back to pass the Safe Communities Act!

The opposition has been mounting a rolling attack on the 95 co-sponsors of the Safe Communities Act. Supporters of the SCA are getting flooded with calls from the opposition, sowing fear about the bill, about our immigrant neighbors and using false and misleading information disseminated by hate groups.

This legislation will make us ALL safer by ensuring that our law enforcement focuses on public safety, not deportations – so everyone can call 911 and speak to police without fear. We need to keep fighting for it!

The deadline to refer the Safe Communities Act out of the Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security is rapidly approaching. We need to flood the State House with calls urging legislators to help move the bill favorably out of Committee!  Call them today to stand with our immigrant neighbors! 


  JCRC, and many other local Jewish organizations, stands with our partner, MIRA, the MA Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, who is leading the way to pass this bill. THANK YOU for joining us in supporting our neighbors!




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“My name is ___________ calling from the Jewish Community Relations Council/Relevant Organization. I live in _________(city or town). I am calling because I support the Safe Communities Act and want to urge ____________(your legislator) to call the chairs of the Public Safety Committee and Homeland Security Committee (Senator Moore and Representative Naughton) and ask them to give the bill a swift and favorable report before the February 7 report-out deadline.