Tell lawmakers today: don't throw away our money on fake clinics

Update 5/28/19: We won!

Mirror bills HB2759 and S1547 are dead, thanks to you, House and Senate Democrats, and the deciding votes of Senators Heather Carter (R-15) and Kate Brophy McGee (R-28).

The AZ Senate voted down these terrible bills which would have funneled taxpayer money into fake "women's health" clinics that were, in reality, fronts for religious anti-choice groups.
HB 2759 got just 15 votes, one short of what's needed -thanks in large part to secular supporters like you who raised their voices loudly in opposition to this bill. 
We want to thank those who spoke out, attended the rally at the State Capitol, and contacted their lawmakers to voice their opposition to this clear violation of separation of church and state. 
Secular AZ took your voices to the House and Senate, where Tory stood up and testified in front of both appropriations committees. Secular AZ was alone in providing public testimony... and these efforts made the difference!
As Secular AZ's Tory Roberg says, "We are strong, but we are mighty!"
But this is just one of many such battles. Did you know that Secular AZ is the only group with a paid lobbyist, full legal team, and active board of volunteers that fight tirelessly for separation of church and state at the Capitol?
We don't receive funding from any national groups. Instead, we rely solely on the generosity of Arizonans like you who understand how valuable our work is.


Thank you! Please encourage others to act by sharing on social media.


Hi, this is [name] and I'd like to leave a message for [official's name]. I'd like to ask the Represenative/Senator to oppose  HB2759 and SB1547.
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