Take Action to Support Access to Safe, Affordable Period Products!

Congresswoman Grace Meng has reintroduced the Menstrual Equity for All Act to help make menstrual products more affordable and accessible. 

Menstrual equity is the idea that anyone who menstruates has the right to access safe, affordable products, and has the right to know exactly what ingredients they are being exposed to in the products. 

In the United States period poverty is a real thing. Too many people who menstruate have reported not being able to afford period care products. For those who are incarcerated (over 200,000 women and girls are incarcerated in the United States—over the last 40 years rates of incarceration have increased by 700%), menstrual products can be exorbitantly priced, or people are not provided enough products needed to control their period, or are forced to perform “sexual favors” in order to receive a pad/tampon. 

The Menstrual Equity for All Act would address this by:

  • Allowing states to use federal grant funds to provide free menstrual products in schools
  • Providing incentives for colleges and universities to establish pilot programs for free menstrual products on campus
  • Providing guidance on the distribution of free menstrual products in federal, state, and local prisons
  • Giving homeless providers the ability to use grant funds to cover menstrual products
  • Requiring Medicaid to cover the cost of menstrual products
  • Requiring any company with a 100 or more employees to provide menstrual products free of charge, in addition to all federal buildings 

We can’t choose whether or not we get a period. Period products are not luxury items—they are an essential need, and there are severe consequences if people don’t have what they need to control their flow. We can stand up and raise our voice to ensure that everyone who does get a period has the right to affordable, accessible, and safe period products. So take action now to support the Menstrual Equity for All Act! 

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Learn more at: www.womensvoices.org

Contact your representative and ask them to support menstrual equity!


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