Stand Against Dangerous Limitations on Dialysis Patients!


Chronic illnesses, such as end-stage renal disease, require extended care that can last for many years – or sometimes decades. For many low-income patients who rely on regular dialysis treatments, charitable premium assistance is the lifeline allowing them to afford the care they need.  

Charitable organizations around the country provide financial assistance annually to thousands of people on dialysis enabling them to afford the healthcare plan of their choice, whether it is premiums for private insurance or the out-of-pocket costs associated with government plans such as Medicare.

SB 1156 is a bill before the California state legislature that threatens to take away patient choice by creating severe limitations on how dialysis patients pay for their treatments, including cutting off charitable premium assistance. SB 1156 is a misguided piece of legislation that threatens patients with lack of access to the care they need to survive. Cutting off charitable premium assistance would put the most vulnerable patients at further risk by limiting their coverage options.

By adding your name, you’re fighting for patients’ right to choose the healthcare plan they want, and helping to put an end to practices that unfairly discriminate against dialysis patients.

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