Support Diplomacy – Defend the Deal with Iran!

After years of sabre rattling and months spent at the negotiating table, an important deal has been struck between the U.S., our allies, and Iran. This is an historic, comprehensive agreement which would verifiably cut off Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon. It represents not only an important moment for U.S. foreign policy, but a victory for all those who supported a more peaceful way forward with Iran- including many like you who wrote letters or called in support of a diplomatic solution rather than war with Iran.

The comprehensive agreement announced this week will block Iran’s pathways to nuclear weapons, create a rigorous and unprecedented inspections program, and ultimately eliminate a major regional security threat without resorting to war. It is a good deal.

But we can’t celebrate just yet…

In the weeks to come, many in congress will dismiss or even work to kill this deal and put the U.S. back on a path to war with Iran. Your voice is needed today to urge Congress to defend the Iran Deal.

As a Just Peace Church that issued a resolution calling for “friendship and solidarity” rather than war with Iran, it is incumbent upon us to lift our voice at this time to support this agreement. Congress could vote on the Iran deal later this month and unless members hear strong, pro-deal, pro-peace message from constituents, they could vote to kill it. We cannot risk another war in the Middle East.

We've come too far to let a comprehensive deal and secure peace slip away. There's too much at stake.

Urge Congress to defend the Iran Deal.

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