Farm bill is bad for kids. Take action!

Hungry kids need food—not more red tape.

Congress’ proposed Farm Bill would make big changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Families need to maintain their access to this basic service.

With the federal government’s permission, our state has built an exemplary food stamp delivery system. Here are two of its best features. First, we support families who work hard in jobs that don’t pay enough to get by on. Second, we don’t punish households by withholding benefits until they have sold a car—a car working parents need to get to their new jobs.

But members of Congress want to hold families down with red tape. They would make working parents turn in detailed proof of their job status. And when a household member fails just once to comply with reporting requirements, the family loses benefits for an entire year. 



Learn more: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: House Agriculture Committee’s Farm Bill Would Increase Food Insecurity and Hardship

This bill threatens to take food off the tables of more than 2 million individuals nationwide. Hungry kids need food—not more red tape.

We say no to the Farm Bill that would weaken our state’s anti-hunger efforts. 


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