Mayor de Blasio: We Demand That NYC Include Delivery Workers In The Framework By Legalizing E-bikes!

Mayor de Blasio, we call on you to #DeliverJustice on behalf of New York City's working cyclists!
While Mayor de Blasio recently took a positive first step by clarifying New York City’s legal framework on e-bikes so any device that is pedal-activated with a top speed of 20mph (class 1 e-bikes) will be unambiguously legal in New York, this clarification is not sufficient to protect most workers.
It's time to #DeliverJustice!
Most e-bikes in New York City, particularly those used by tens of thousands of low-wage, predominantly immigrant workers, are excluded from this new legal clarification. This means that workers are still fined up to $500 solely for operating an e-bike in New York City, and their bikes are confiscated - leaving them unable to provide for their families while their cases linger in court. There needs to be a clear way for workers to convert their e-bikes and make them legal.

There are equitable solutions that can be enacted now:
  1. Modify Current Enforcement Practices: Issue a moratorium on enforcement on e-bikes until a New York City regulatory framework has been fully implemented.
  2. Establish Regulations for E-bike Conversion: Issue guidelines and requirements for converting Class 2 and 3 throttle e-bikes into Class 1 pedal-assist e-bikes, and ensure the most common kinds of e-bikes that delivery workers use are included in the legalization framework.
  3. Fund a Non-Onerous Pathway to Convert All E-Bikes: Establish a program that provides financial and practical assistance to e-bike owners for conversion.
  4. Educate All Parties: Educate the public, workers, and NYPD about the above changes.
  5. Create Transparency: Start recording and publishing detailed data of e-bicyclists’ involvement in traffic crashes.

Sign this petition to demand Mayor de Blasio include delivery workers in the framework by legalizing e-bikes! 

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