Tell Congress that schools need COVID-19 relief funding now

K-12 schools across the country desperately need Congress to act and provide significant additional emergency COVID-19 relief funding now. Stabilizing our schools is the vital first step to stabilize our communities upended by COVID-19.  Struggling local economies cannot sustain schools even at pre-COVID levels, let alone absorb the increasing costs of emergency shifts to blended learning, regular deep cleanings, and the intensive support services students require to learn in pandemic conditions.
There is no way to make the math work without a massive infusion of federal funds. National education groups, including NASSP, have been advocating for at least $175 billion in state stabilization funding for K-12 schools.
Now is the time for school leaders to contact their senators and representatives and urge them to support the emergency funding that schools desperately need. Time is running out.


Send an email and tweet to your representative and senators now using the tools below.


Thank you for taking action with NASSP to support emergency COVID-19 relief funding for schools. Please make sure you’ve completed both the campaign actions—email and tweet—to further amplify our message.

You can also share the link to this campaign with your family, friends, and networks and ask them to join us:


Hello, my name is [name] and I am one of [senator]’s constituents from [city/location].

I am calling to urge [senator] to support the Equality Act. As a school leader, I believe that no educator should be fired or discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. This long overdue legislation would finally ensure that the same rights, privileges, and protections are provided to all Americans.

Please tell [senator] that educators in our community support the Equality Act, and we urge [him/her] to support the legislation, as well.

Thank you.