Take Action to End Hunger

The farm bill is a sweeping piece of legislation that gets renewed every five years. It governs the U.S. federal farm, food, and conservation policy. The farm bill has the potential to put the United States on track to ending food insecurity in the country and to save millions of lives overseas. To do so, it must be designed with strong and resilient food systems and good nutrition as its top priorities.

The House and Senate have passed their separate versions of the farm bill, which propose different approaches to addressing hunger. While the House version (H.R.2) imposes strict work requirements on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), creating more barriers to food-insecure homes to gaining access, the Senate’s version (S. 3042) protects SNAP, increases access to nutritious food, and provides funding for critical international food aid programs. The House and the Senate must now come together in order to pass a final farm bill.

Ask your representative to support a farm bill that increases access to nutritious foods for low-income families in the U.S. and funds critical international food assistance.

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As a Christian, I am moved to help and defend people living in hunger and poverty, no matter where they live. This is why I want my elected officials to pass a strong farm bill that strengthens SNAP, funds food aid programs, and supports efforts to maximize efficiencies and improve the reach of U.S. international food assistance programs. 

I urge you to support and pass a strong bipartisan bill that strengthens SNAP and improves international food programs. I believe this can be done through the Senate’s version (S. 3042) of the nutrition title of the farm bill.