Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week 2020!


Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week is finally here, and this means shining a light on the injustices plaguing our civil justice system. Join Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse as we highlight abuses and misuses of our courts and help us open a dialogue on why education surrounding lawsuit abuse is much needed.

Lawsuits are not the answer.

As we are faced with the effects of COVID and adjusting to our “new normal,” ridiculous lawsuits should not be a worry right now. Unfortunately, a wave of them is expected to come. According to a recent study, there has been a reported increase in lawsuits stemming from COVID-19 starting back in March, including 72 class action lawsuits. 

So what exactly is lawsuit abuse? We’ve listed some of the most common examples in our new poll. Let us know which one sticks out to you the most by selecting an option on the right and clicking submit.

Join us for the first full week of October to bring awareness to lawsuit abuse.