Reject Medicaid Cuts


The United States Senate is on the verge of dramatically cutting Medicaid funding to the tune of $600 billion dollars annually. The Per Capita Caps Medicaid model will move the federal government’s share of expenses to a defined amount. This will result in decreased funding to the states. Each state will then need to come up with additional funding, or make cuts to Medicaid benefits. Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) are not mandated benefits under Medicaid, however, nursing home care is. Naturally, states will likely reduce optional benefits such as HCBS.

Additionally, the Community First Choice Program is in threat of being cut. This program incentivizes states to rebalance Medicaid spending towards home care. Combined, these two cuts will be deeply harmful to home care nation wide. Please contact your Senators and let them know how these cuts will affect patients, you, and your business.

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