Protect the Endangered Species Act

BREAKING: Senator Barrasso has proposed sweeping legislation would gut the Endangered Species Act

Hundreds of bills have included provisions collectivley shredding the effectivenes of Endangered Species Act, but this is a complete rewrite of the Act itself. We can't be the generation that allows the last line of defense for endangered species to disappear. Take action by contacting your Representive below. 

The Barrasso bill would dramatically weaken the Act signed under President Nixon our nation's most effective law protecting wildlife in danger of extinction.  


The bill would:

Undermine the Endangered Species Act's reliance on science, especially in recovering species

Give states the ability to veto endangered species restoration projects and, had it been law, would have prevented the restoration of wolves to Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies

Make it harder to list imperiled species by requiring recovery goals during listing

Reduce public involvement and agency accountability

Slow agency conservation actions by requiring cumbersome and unnecessary new procedures


This would give state governors, who often oppose protections for endangered species, the power to veto scientific decisions about those protections. It would cut off the ability of citizens to go to court to obtain lifesaving protections for imperiled plants and animals.

Sen. Barrasso, chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, has sponsored or cosponsored 10 bills attacking the Endangered Species Act since 2015 and voted against the Act nearly a dozen times since 2011. 


Together, we can protect species

There IS something powerful you can do as an individual to protect the Endangered Species Act: Tell your congressional representatives to stand strong against any proposal to tamper with the Endangered Species Act.

Please contact your Representative and Senators