Like safe, maintained and funded hiking trails?

From park rangers to campground hosts, trail maintenance crew members, staff at ranger stations, forest firefighters, and beyond, there are so many people keeping our trails safe, maintained and enjoyable. These people are a critical part of our outdoor experience. They are tasked with protecting our state and national public lands through safeguarding natural resources, ecosystems, wildlife, and visitors.
Photo with Ranger Blake by Corinne Lauerman-Little.

The one-the-ground experience of the folks behind your public spaces does wonders to understanding and addressing trail concerns. Their commitment and intimate expertise of the land they steward is what creates a happy and safe environment for us. Rangers, and the many on-the-ground staff, promote and model safe hiking practices and Leave No Trace ethics.

Their insight on how spaces are used, enjoyed, and discussed lay the foundation for our advocacy. Leveraging their wisdom helps us paint the picture for better funding and protection of public spaces. 

Often working behind-the-scenes, park rangers and the staff that work with and around them make hiking and recreating experiences better for all. Take a pledge to thank rangers and other trail public servants! (After you sign, we'll send you a short guide on how to connect with your local rangers.) 

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