Tell Congress to vote NO on anti-wildlife Farm Bill


The 2018 Farm Bill has a number of harmful elements including the “Poisoned Pollinators Provision” that would override Endangered Species Act protections that prevent imperiled species from being subjected to toxic pesticides. 

Please ask your U.S. Representative to oppose the Farm Bill.

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In the decades since the ESA was enacted, there is irrefutable proof that the law works; 99 percent of listed species have been spared from extinction.

The ESA enjoys the support of 90 percent of American voters, according to a 2015 poll.

It does not need to be "reformed" or eviscerated – it simply needs to be funded and enforced fully.

Sections 8303, 8503, and 9111 would threaten the Endangered Species Act's ability to protect imperiled species. For that reason, I ask that the representative oppose the 2018 Farm Bill.