Tell Your Legislator: I Know Your NYLCV Score

Since 1989 we have worked to lobby state and local elected officials on environmental issues, provide objective information about environmental policy to the public, and hold elected officials accountable. In order to carry out this mission, we began issuing a State Legislative Environmental Scorecard last year and we are proud to be issuing it in an election year for the first time.

Not sure what your legislators' scores are? Click here to find out, then come back to this page and tell your legislators "Thanks" or "No Thanks" for their Environmental Scores!

Many NYLCV endorsed candidates are up for re-election in the fall - use this scorecard as a resource in the Fall 2018 elections when deciding who you want to represent your region and the environment. The scorecard tells you whether your local representatives listened to you and your neighbors by upholding their responsibility to promote sound policies that protect the environment.

Send a message to your legislators telling them you know how they scored on the NYLCV 2018 Environmental Scorecard. Customize the email with your thoughts!


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