Take Action to Reverse ICE’s Decision on International Students!

On July 6, ICE issued a decision that would threaten the ability of international students to stay in the United States if their universities have shifted to online instruction in the Fall. 

Many colleges and universities have already moved their entire curricula online this Fall in order to protect the health of campus communities during the COVID-19 crisis. Under the new decision, these students “may face immigration consequences including, but not limited to, the initiation of removal proceedings.”

Urge ICE to reverse this decision and urge your Members of Congress to denounce ICE's decision and pressure ICE to reverse it. 

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Thank you for taking action for the National Endowment for the Humanities! Please encourage others to do so!

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There are currently Dear Colleague Letters circulating in the House and the Senate supporting increased funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities. I would like to request that Representative/Senator [name] sign the letter.  

For House offices: The House letter is sponsored by Rep. David Price.

For Senate offices: The Senate letter is sponsored by Senator Tom Udall.

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