Fixing the Pipeline: Paid Internships on Capitol Hill


Your senators are gearing up to vote on next year's budget. We need YOU to help us convince your senator of the importance of adding a paid internship amendment to the budget. With this amendment, up to 1,000 paid internships can be created on Capitol Hill.

The open session for amendments is June 14th!

Call 202-224-3121 to be directed to your Senator's Office!

Congressional internships serve as a pipeline for young people who have a passion to serve their country. Before the 1990s, most Congressional internships were paid, allowing Americans from every income level and demographic the opportunity to come to D.C and serve their country. The current status quo – unpaid internships as far as the eye can see – make the pipeline to public service inaccessible to many, especially students from underrepresented backgrounds.

It’s time to urge your senators to start paying their interns!





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