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I’m calling to urge to support HB 414/SB 504. These bills will prevent homeowners and community associations from unfairly blocking solar installations. HOAs have stopped hundreds of Virginians from installing solar over the past several years.

Virginia law grants HOAs the authority to place “reasonable” restrictions on members’ ability to install solar. Unfortunately, the law does not define what “reasonable” means. This loophole has allowed HOAs to unfairly stop solar installations.

This legislation fixes this problem by defining what restrictions are “reasonable”. It defines “reasonable” as a restriction that does not decrease the solar system’s performance by more than 10% or increases the cost of an installation by more than 5%. HOAs are still able to require members receive approval for their installation. It also ensures HOAs can stop installations that are unsafe.

Thank you for taking time to chat with me. Will be supporting these bills?

If yes:

That's great. I thank for their support and I thank you for taking time to speak with me today.

If no:

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope will reconsider. Thank you for your time.

If unsure:

I hope will decide to support this legislation to protect our rights to go solar. Thank you for your time.