Protect God’s Creation. Stop Natural Gas Waste!

Everywhere we look lately it seems that environmental protections are under attack. We are facing huge threats to climate change research and prevention programs across the federal government and large scale attempts to slash the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget. With so much at risk, it can be hard to know where to start the work of protecting the earth and our communities from environmental harm.

 Right now, our U.S. Senators are preparing to vote on whether to dismantle the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Natural Gas Waste Reduction Rule. This may seem like a small piece of a very large puzzle, but it is an important issue that we, as people of faith, are uniquely poised to address.

Act now – Urge your Senators to act as responsible stewards for our energy sources.

As people of faith, we know that the Earth and everything in it belongs to God. We are simply its caretakers. We are called to engage in issues of energy production and management out of our commitment to responsible stewardship of the gifts of God's creation. A vote to dismantle the BLM Natural Gas Waste Reduction Rule would be a reckless decision to:

  • Needlessly waste fossil fuels through the venting, flaring, and leaking of methane
  • Deprive the federal and state governments of millions of dollars in income
  • Increase the kind of air pollution that contributes to asthma and cancer
  • Worsen climate change

Contact your Senators now. If you (or anyone you know) live in Arizona, Colorado, Maine, North Dakota, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee or West Virginia, your voices are especially needed! Act now and help us spread the word!

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