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From Right to Life Michiana:

Whole Woman's Health Alliance (WWHA), abortionist Dr. Glazer, and All-Options, Inc. are suing the State of Indiana to remove no fewer than 25 health and safety laws and regulations.

There has been a recent victory where the judge has already upheld several of IN’s abortion laws. However, WWHA, Dr. Glazer, and All-Options are still fighting to repeal the following:

1. The Physician-Only Law
2. The Second-Trimester Hospitalization Requirement
3. The In-Person Examination Requirement
4. The Telemedicine Ban
5. The In-Person Counseling Requirement
6. The Mandatory Disclosures related to fetal pain, the beginning of life, the physical health risks of abortion, and the mental health risks contained in the Perinatal Hospice Brochure
7. The Criminal Penalties provision
8. Any and all provisions that were left unaddressed by the parties, including the specific portions of the Judicial Bypass provision, Ind. Code § 16-34-2- 4(b)-(e), regulating minors seeking abortion care as well as reporting requirements tailored to minors.

They are fighting to undo the protections we’ve put into place to protect the preborn over the last 47 years. These are common-sense laws to protect women. Not only do they want unrestricted freedom to kill as many preborn as possible, they want to be able to do it without regulation, license requirements, or standards.

Join Right to Life Michiana in demanding they drop the suit. 

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